Student Enrollment

Welcome to the Foster Public School Department!

Below are steps to enroll a new student in our elementary school for first through fifth grade. If you are interested in our pre-kindergarten program, please see the application on the Pre-Kindergarten Information page under the "For Families" section of this website.

To enroll a new student in kindergarten, please complete and submit a kindergarten enrollment packet.

Steps to enroll a new student for first through fifth grade:

Step 1) Required Documentation
Gather documentation that will be required as listed below. All of this documentation may be uploaded electronically to our online registration system with the exception of the student’s birth certificate, which must be presented in person at the school office.

Step 2) Parent Portal
Complete a New Student Registration in our online Parent Portal. If you do not already have a login for the portal, you may request a new account for yourself. See the Parent Portal instructions below.

Step 3) Next Steps
After your New Student Registration is reviewed, we will contact you for next steps. Please feel free to call the school office to check the status of your New Student Registration.

Required Documentation

For proof of residency, you must provide at least one document from the Category A list below and one document from Category B listed below.

Category A (provide one)

Category B

In extenuating circumstances, the following may be considered for Category B (provide one):

Please note that residency will need to be verified before new student registration can be completed.

Parent Portal Instructions

For convenience, new student registration can be completed using our online Parent Portal. However, you will need to bring an original or certified copy of the student's birth certificate to the school office for verification. The school registrar may also require you to provide additional documentation.

If you do not already have a login to the Parent Portal, you can create one by clicking the "Request an account" link on the login page. Please feel free to call or visit the school if you have trouble creating an account or accessing your existing account.

Click this link to access the portal:
Parent Portal

When you click the "Request an account" link, you will see the screen shown below. Choose the second option if you do not have a login but have other students already enrolled in one of the Foster-Glocester regional schools (Captain Isaac Paine, West Glocester, Fogarty, Ponaganset Middle or High School). Otherwise, click the first link to create a new login.

After you login to the Parent Portal, click the "+ Initiate..." button in the "Start a new New Student Registration" workflow. Please provide as much information as possible to help us support your student's needs. Documents may be uploaded electronically on the “Documents” tab of the workflow.

Feel free to call or visit the school office if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!